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VORT3X Auto is a brand created to offer a unique and personable experience above the capabilities of a standard dealership by specializing in virtual showroom experiences, remote sales to any state within the US, & direct contact customer service for the life of your vehicle.

A High Tech Experience

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How It Works

The creator, Mike Buedel, a is a certified Jaguar Land Rover sales consultant in Schaumburg, IL and all deals are ultimately handled by Mike directly at the Zeigler JLR dealership.

All sales are handled professionally by a reputable high line dealership with full transparency and quality as our highest priority.

In Person:
-Scheduled VIP Appointments
-Delver to your door service (<20 miles)
-Free JLR Keychain with purchase
Remote/Out of State:
-High Quality Virtual Experience
-Transport Delivery Relations
-Free JLR Keychain with purchase

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Mike Buedel

Mike Buedel


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920 W Golf Rd
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